Monday, September 13, 2010

Wong Lo Kat: Benchmarking the danger of

The new "Food Safety Law" was formally implemented on June 1, in which the strict rules on food additives is a bright spot. The latest from the promulgation of the new food hygiene in public events, that is just not long ago settled the Wong Lo Kat incident.

No one would have thought that the crisis had not "Prunella" incident actually turned into a massive surprise that Wong Lo Kat crisis, the anger of public opinion critical networks, major media events relish playing, hard-line consumers the firm support of the official proceedings constitute a postmodern spectacle market.

Recourse nature of the event seems no longer important, and shouting with delight Querang netizens attack with emotional release channels, Wong Lo Kat unfortunately become a mass entertainment media era victims.

Exposure compared to Johnson, Sanlu added melamine, milk, light milk skillet, Nestle excessive iodine, from the perspective of enterprise crisis, Wong Lo Kat's "Prunella" event and not much of value - but why the events small logo will be upgraded into a national dynamic of "inverted Wong Lo Kat" wave? in the "inverted king" of public opinion bore in front of Wong Lo Kat contributions one million businesses act of charity Why was consciously forgotten? Wong Lo Kat annual local government and industry to create great interest and value of such non- people mentioned?

As our in-depth analysis of this "inverted king" tide of public opinion behind the emotions, we will find that the core source of public attacks that it was not Wanglaoji red tank top did not identify the pharmacological effects of Prunella this pettiness Instead, Wong Lo Kat to become "the first Chinese beverage cans," this ambitious goal, trigger, or attract a lot of blame, hostility, hate, or gloat over the psychological.

This is actually a company in the benchmarking process of the dangers inherent in the trap.

When a person for any opportunity suddenly became rich overnight, and he vowed to become the country's richest man, its trigger hostility and hate psychology certainly overwhelming. Wong Lo Kat's competitors in the view, the arrogance of Wong Lo Kat put on public trial of the platform to become the target is only a matter of - "Prunella" incident broke out, deepening, diffusion only "down King" are caught a fuse.

From herbal tea to drink, Wong Lo Kat's gorgeous turned in to find a blue ocean product positioning, rapidly expanding market space, but also set a lot for their new rival, Wong Lo Kat's competitors are no longer Huangzhen Long, supernatant drink Deng old herbal tea, but Wahaha, Huiyuan and Coca-Cola!

With the scale and strength of the upgrade, expansion of the scope of this competition is a normal phenomenon, but as Wong Lo Kat in the beverage industry, surging, and the high-profile proposal to be "the first Chinese beverage cans," which makes the beverage industry veteran who many places If a thorn in the back. While the company's benchmarking Wong Lo Kat has a clear goal, but public sentiment easy to automatically become a target of attack.

Around the outside of beverage industry, the self-benchmarking companies repeated the non-poor conditions in fact, almost every industry has become the first impulse of Hope leader who has become a leader in call panacea, but many companies are looking to the ambitious goals of the distance only beautiful scenery, but forgotten in the benchmark set at the same time, it is actually perfect for the business is covered with a model of moral crisis of the bubble - when the public found that business model has not been fully realized as a moral demands, resentment inevitably turbulent emotions out, bit of a crisis event can quickly be brought together into a vast sea of the crisis, those companies swallowed without adequate preparation, this is the business process of benchmarking the danger.

As a benchmark for corporate, public or industry to its brand, products, business operations and other aspects of positive expectations will greatly enhance their bit harsh mistakes or blame must redouble, Wong Lo Kat "Prunella" event just for cruising but has been find the emergency exit provided the public mood to vent channels - in contributions from the incident forced the door open apology Wang Shi, Mengniu melamine incident in public tears of Niu Gensheng, although two have been the benchmark of entrepreneurs and a model figure, but When their words or actions when mistakes, the tide of public opinion, to be brutally swept them and their business behind completely inundated, leaving no trace of sensibilities.

Benchmarking of business as a huge public pressure to bear snails in it harsh or irrational accusations are actually understandable. But a review of the industry, excellent business are critical in the line before the amendment, excellent enterprises are more perfect in the blame of their own operations. From this perspective, "Prunella" event for Wong Lo Kat, is not only a crisis of the warning, but also a chance to think anti-bow: the road of corporate benchmarking should be more along Gairuhezou more stable?

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